Thursday, 23 July 2009

Eco Wedding Gifts

It's wedding season! Of course you plan on giving your newlywed friends green gifts to celebrate their new life together. Here are some ideas:
  • Bamboo/organic cotton blend bedding. Don't let your friends and family sleep in pesticide laden bedding. These silky soft 250 thread-count sheets are an eco-friendly blend of 50% bamboo and 50% organic cotton. Made from all natural fibers, so it's breathable, lightweight and the bamboo helps to wick away the sweat, keeping you dry. Available online from Gaiam. Prices range from $36-229 USD.

  • Bamboo garment rack. Of course you don't use a dryer and neither should the newlyweds. Double up on your green impact by hanging your wet laundry (therefore saving energy) on this beautiful bamboo rack (made from sustainable materials). Available at Canadian Tire. $169.

  • EARTHchef bamboo kitchen accessories. No one wants to chop, serve and store their food in plastic that leaches BPA or wooden utensils made from trees that will take decades to grow back. So give the couple-to-be bamboo utensils instead. Bamboo grows super quick (3-5 years), and since the plant is anti-bacterial its perfect for use in the kitchen to minimize germs without harsh chemical cleaners. Available at The Bay, Zellers and Home Outfitters.

  • Counter top compost container. Collecting your kitchen waste in this chic container helps to save trips out to the compost while keeping the kitchen neat and odour free. Available at Canadian Tire. $19.99.

  • His & Hers organic cotton bathrobes. What could be better on a cold winter night than wrapping a plush, super soft organic cotton robe around you and your new spouse? These luxurious robes allow you to give a lavish gift while remaining true to your values. Not made in a sweat shop. Available online at $169-179.

  • Solar lanterns & garden decor. Widely popular, even outside green communities, solar powered lanterns, lights and garden accessories are super easy to install and available in many stylish designs. They collect power in the daytime and automatically turn on when it gets dark. Be careful not to buy the kind that requires batteries. Some of the more inexpensive lights use the solar panel to charge a rechargeable battery which powers the light. The battery usually only lasts one year, requiring you to buy new batteries every year. Widely available in a large selection of prices.

  • Simple Human recyclers. I LOVE this rectangular recycler. The removable dual bins inside make sorting waste easy, and the patented lid closes slowly preventing it from slamming shut like most petal garbage containers. Pair this gift with the counter top compost pail and the newlyweds have all their eco bases covered. Available at The Bay or online at $179.99.

  • Raw vegan uncooking classes for 2. Give the gift that keeps on giving - to the planet. Pay for raw food classes which will teach the couple how to prepare nutritious, delicious, live food that minimizes waste and environmental degradation. Pair this gift with a raw food accessory such as a spiralizer, or his & hers hemp aprons personalized with the couples' initials embroidered on the front is also a nice present.


earthmother said...

Ummmm, I'm not getting married this summer, BUT, please don't let that stop you from buying me any one of these wonderful GREEN gifts. :D

Fab list of ideas!

Shanghai Monkey said...

LOL! I'm not getting married anytime soon either, but aren't these gifts fab? ^_^ I'm in love with that recycler.

Mary Mo said...

Oh, thanks for all these great ideas! So many weddings this summer.

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