Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Updated Recipe Page (& embarrassing photos)


It took hours upon hours of HTML code and re-uploading photos from 2008-2010, but I finally have a modern and up-to-date list of my recipes (mostly raw and vegan) featured here on the blog.

I have a separate page for smoothies and other drinks, which I am currently working on updating as well.  I'll be sure to announce when everything is done, so stay tuned.

As all you fellow bloggers know probably just about the worst thing about having a blog is looking back at your photography from when you first started ...

Oh my!  
This is a raw vegan apple pie from my Raw Thanksgiving Post, which incidentally (and also incredibly embarrassing) is currently the most popular post on my blog!  Looking at the photo makes me cringe ... I think I might have even photographed it IN the fridge!!  I mean I couldn't even arrange the apple slices in a decorative way??!!

Anyhow as a result, I now have an irrational urge to re-photograph EVERYTHING!  I think the yogi in me can "let it go and let it be" ... except for the apple pie.  It has to be re-done.

Have you ever gone "back in time" on your blog?


Friday, 16 August 2013

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Peta's Blueberry Pie Recipe List

It's blueberry season!  

It seems that no matter where I go these days, I see a big ol' pile of luscious blueberries.  Why not whip up one of the vegetarian and/or vegan recipes from this list on Peta's Food board?  You might just see a familiar blog or two on the list.

Friday, 9 August 2013

Video: How To Open a Coconut (Indian & Western style)

Remember my self-proclaimed fear/curiosity about opening a fresh coconut?  Well I still have yet to hack one open myself, but I sure got lots of "lessons" during my time in India.  Kerala, the southern state in India where I've stayed for the past 4 winters, is referred to as the land of coconuts, and if you have ever traveled there, you will know why.  Lush green coconut trees are everywhere, and every corner has its own coconut entrepreneur selling their wares, a freshly cut green coconut.  Delicious!   

Here's a video taken in Thucklay, just outside the famous Padmapuram Palace, an architectural wonder of handcrafted teak woodwork. 

P.S. That's me in the background snacking on the amazing coconut jelly and laughing at a stray piece of coconut that flew onto the street. 

Did you watch the video??  I definitely do not recommend using that method, but it is fascinating to watch.  Not only was he hacking open coconuts at the speed of light, but also keeping track of who needed another one, who wanted their's split open to access the jelly inside, and of course keeping tally of the bill.

Here's a MUCH more practical how-to video for those of us who don't really want to risk hacking off an ear just to make a smoothie:

Good luck and happy coconuttin'

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