Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Yoga Asana of the Month (December)

I'm shaking it up this month with a video of acroyoga (part acrobatics & part yoga asanas). See if you can pick out the yoga poses in this incredible video ...


Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) said...

I didnt watch the video but I love acroyoga. A teacher friend of mine in San Diego is realllly into it. I love it too and wish my man was able to do more yoga stuff....he would be my spotter and I'd be the flyer LOL

Onto other matters...both your RYT 200 AND going to INDIA!!!!!???!!!!!!!

Ok girl, I am so envious of the india part. I have always always wanted to go. Never did it before I had Skylar and although some people travel the world with small children, it's hard enough traveling by yourself, let alone with a child. Or worse yet, leaving her for a month at home. No. So, India's on hold for me for another few years but seriously, I would LOVE to hear more about where you're going, what program, etc etc
Please no one else start blowing up my email with spam LOL

Soooooo happy for you!!!!!!! for your two amazing things coming up! I did my 200 hrs in Costa Rica in 2001. Def cool, but India is just the motherland. I need to go.

Angel said...

Ooo Costa Rica sounds amazing too. I know there's a lot of yoga stuff going on there.

Well the ashram I'm going to has a kids program too ... maybe when Skylar is a bit older ... sending you an email now ^_^

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