Thursday, 3 December 2009

5 Eco-Friendly Toys

Remember when we were young and toy trucks were metal and dolls were made out of cotton? If you have kids or visit friends with kids, it doesn't take long to realize that most children's toys today are made out of plastic and come from China. Why not give the kiddos a BPA-free holiday this year and buy them a toy that makes a difference in this world? Here are some suggestions ...
  1. HaPe Bamboo Race Car - My nephew was given this car last December and it was a hit! The metal handles on top are great for allowing little fingers to give this car a push, and the ergonomic design helps put the petal to the metal. And since it's made from a quick growing plant, the bamboo used to make this toy will probably grow back faster than your child out grows it.

  2. Under the Nile Organic Cotton Toys - With so many beautiful certified organic cotton toys to choose from, you'll want to just buy them all. My personal favourites are the fruits and veggies. What better way to teach your kids early about the importance of good eating habits, than have them chew on an organic green bean when they're teething. Although I'm partial to the monkey too of course!

  3. Plan Toys Ring Set - Remember ring towers? Kids must place the largest ring on the tower and then continue with the next largest ring and so on until all the rings are on. When is the last time you saw one that wasn't plastic? Not only does this toy teach your child about sizes and colours, but its also made of recycled rubber tree wood. All of their toys use soy and water based biodegradable ink. As an added bonus the tower is collapsible in case anyone happens to fall on it. Of course your kids never fall ;) [I also love the fruit and veggies that your child can "cut" and serve].

  4. Yellow Label Kids Teapot - Your children are probably too young to play with a ceramic tea set, but you definitely don't want them playing with (& maybe drinking out of) a plastic set either. So buy them this darling hand crocheted 5 piece tea set. The women who knit each of Yellow Label's toys are paid a fair wage, so there's no detail overlooked. Of course there's also some fruit and veggie crochet rattles that are adorable too.
  5. I saved the best and most thoughtful gift idea for last. Make your own! Get out your knitting needles, crochet hook, sewing machine or bottle of glue and get crafty. There are fabulous organic cotton and bamboo knitting yarns available at most craft stores. Or use some leftover fabric and sew up a storm. Last year I made my niece and nephew toys made from socks. Sure it was more work than going to a store and picking something off the shelf, but they're worth it and I bet your kids are too.

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