Sunday, 12 December 2010

Gluten-Free Gift Ideas

Here's a great gift for the holidays for that gluten avoider in your life. I made this last year for my sister-in-law who avoids gluten like Superman & cryptonite :)

First find a great gluten-free recipe. I used a recipe for a baked macaroni & "cheese" from the Gluten Free Goddess blog (lots of great recipes there). Find something that suites the recipient. Type up the recipe and print it out on fun paper or a cute recipe card.

Collect a few ingredients from the recipe and assemble them together in a baking dish or something relevant to the recipe (use a cake pan for a cake recipe, a salad bowl for a salad recipe ... you get the idea).

It's actually quite fun to hunt for things. I found this gluten-free mustard in my local health food store. I don't know if regular mustard has gluten in it, but this one sure doesn't! I also added a few other cooking related things (there's some pot holders, a matching dish towel and a pot scrapper in there).

Then just wrap it up and tie a pretty ribbon around the whole thing. A thoughtful, personalized gluten-free gift that the recipient is sure to enjoy ... or you could just give them a fruit cake.

Sunday, 5 December 2010

2010 Holiday Green Gifts Guide

It's time again for Angelic Monkey's green gifts guide (the third year in a row I might add. Check out the lists from 2009 & 2008, lots of good stuff that's still available). Without further ado, here's this years list:
Eco minded kids will love this little recycling set that comes with the truck, driver and sorting bins for recycling, compost and garbage. Children that grow up with toys like this are destined save this planet when they grow up! All of PlanToys (& they have a lot!) are made from rubber trees that no longer produce rubber. The wood is dyed with water-based non toxic dyes and eco friendly glue (E-Zero glue).
The list goes on & on why these toys by animal lover, Jane Goodall are good for you, your child, the environment and the people who make the toys. Each plush animal is made from non-toxic cotton that hasn't been bleached or doused with harsh chemicals. Low eco impact dyes are used from natural minerals and soy. In addition the workers who make these toys are paid a fair wage, and enjoy the ethics and equality that most of us take for granted in the first world (as an aside, I couldn't find exactly where these toys are made). And of course the proceeds from the sale of each toy will go to the Jane Goodall Institute to support her research.

I love, love love this clock (I also posted it on my Facebook profile). No batteries required. This niffy clock runs on tap water with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice (the lemony water needs to be replaced every 8-12 weeks). Perfect for camping, travelling or just all around general tree hugging-ness!
UPDATE: Bedol has just launched a line of similar clocks that DO NOT need lemon added. Eco friendly time keeping just got easier.
Made from pure, cold-pressed cacao bean oil, I first found out about this chocolaty lip balm from Averie over at Love Veggies and Yoga. The balm is made from raw, vegan & certified organic cacao butter. It really leaves your smackers soft and velvety.

I NEVER send out greeting cards because I think it's a waste of paper and a waste of resources to ship them ... but I know the majority of people out there do send cards for the holidays, and these plantable ones seem like a great alternative. The receiver of your holiday greeting can plant the card in soil, water and in a few short weeks watch it bloom. There's lots of designs to choose from, but the yogi in me is partial to this peace (in Sanskrit: om) design.

Rawganique Eco Slumber Masks (in hemp or organic cotton)
Don't you just hate those polyester slumber masks they give you on an airplane? Not very relaxing. Give the gift of natural rest & rejuvenation with these slumber masks made of natural fibres like hemp & organic cotton.

Dr. Alkaitis Travel Kit

Dr. Alkaitis' motto is "if you can't eat it, don't put it on your skin". Makes sense to me! Every one of these products are made with fresh ingredients that are raw, organic and plant derived. No trans-fats, no harsh chemicals and never tested on animals. The products also don't contain water (often used as a filler in lower quality products), so a little goes a long way. This travel kit contains: day creme, night creme, eye creme, facial cleanser, nourishing treatment oil, soothing gel, herbal toner and a mask. Don't eat it all at once ... I mean use it all at once :p The kit should last for 7-12 days.

Infrared Sauna

Okay, this one is a bit of a splurge (almost $1000), but if you can afford it, it's completely worth it! The place where I was teaching yoga this summer has a similar infrared sauna, and it was heaven (although hot as hell!!). Research shows that infrared saunas are good for cleaning out toxins, increasing circulation, speedy recovery from injuries, weight loss, improving the immune system and it's also incredibly relaxing! Great after a long day of karma yoga.

Friday, 3 December 2010

Sweet Sesame Sattvic Smoothie

I created this one late night when I had soaked a lot of dates and I just couldn't bring myself to dump the date soak water down the drain ...

Sweet Sesame Smoothie
  • 1 handful of dates, soaked for a few hours in 1 cup of fresh filtered water
  • 1/2 cup raw tahini (make sure there is only one ingredient listed on the label: sesame seeds)
  • 1/2 teaspoon of ground cinnamon
Combine everything (including the date soak water) in the blender and mix until frothy. Add more/less dates depending on the sweetness you like.

Enjoy the sweet sesame goodness!


Wednesday, 1 December 2010

A Few Things I Think Are Just Great ...

- playing with my niece & nephew (usually yoga related) -

- trees - all kinds, everywhere, always -

- thrift stores -

- strawberry picking with my dad (& then we make jam) -

- long silent walks @ 6 AM -

- Martha Stewart crafts -

- (raw) honey facials -

- big glass of greenie goodness (but you already knew that) -
Ah simple pleasures ...

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