Friday, 15 May 2009

(Not So) Sensational Soy: Product Recall Info

According to a report released yesterday by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) some Sensational Soy beverages have been contaminated with milk. The company has initiated a voluntary recall of the two affected products:
  • Sensational Soy Smooth Original 1.89 L - UPC: 0 68200 155364
  • Sensational Soy Classic Vanilla 1.89 L - UPC: 0 68200 15535 7

These products have been distributed in Ontario, Canada. Currently there aren't any reported illnesses associated with these products. However if the product is consumed by people with milk allergies, there could be series health consequences. So please take the necessary precautions with these beverages!

Personally, I am drastically reducing the amount of soymilk I'm consuming as I'm incorporating more raw foods into my lifestyle. I only bought Sensational Soy once. The taste prevented me from consuming it ever again. I acknowledge that mistakes are sometimes made, but the irresponsibility of this company really irks me. Nowhere on their website even mentions the contamination, let alone the dangers of consuming these products if you have a milk allergy. Their home page even boast how great their soymilk is for making lactose-free smoothies (HA!). Here's a product that definitely won't be making my favourite things list, even if they improve their taste. Stay safe this long weekend everyone ...


Mary Mo said...

Oh! Thanks for posting this!!! That company should take responsibility for their mistakes!!!

Shanghai Monkey said...

Yes, they should. And I think they should be letting their customers know via their website about the recall instead of putting the onus entirely on the CFIA.

Sara So Fine said...

Thanks for the info

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