Friday, 16 October 2009

Do You Eat Raw in the Winter?

I awoke this morning to a light dusting of snow. WOW! Summer sure flew by fast. While on the one hand I'm excited about getting out my bamboo yarn and knitting, on the other hand, the colder weather makes me less inclined to eat raw. Does anyone else share this experience with winter and raw food??


shannonmarie said...

I usually eat raw in the winter, but sometimes sneak a baked raw sweet potato, steamed veggies, etc. The raw stuff becomes heavier, like the cupcakes, and is spiced up with strong/warm flavors, such as cayenne pepper and cinnamon (these spices are great in smoothies to warm them up). Raw soups, stoups and stews are good, too, in the cooler months.

Angel (Shanghai Monkey) said...

Thanks for the tips! I definitely know where to go for a raw cupcake recipe ;) I have been up'ing my intake of steamed veggies, but since this will be my first raw winter this is all a learning experience for me.

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