Tuesday, 27 October 2009

DIY # 6: Peacock Feather Headband

On a recent trip to the children's museum (with my nephew, not on my own of course!) I collected quite a few peacock feathers. Aren't nature's craft materials the most beautiful? I've been known to collect shells, rocks and flowers for crafting, but nothing compares in beauty to a freshly fallen peacock feather. Plus searching for feathers kept my nephew entertained that afternoon. My first instinct was to try to fashion a necklace with the feathers, but I couldn't find the right findings. Instead I made this quick & easy headband and it came out great. It took less than 5 minutes and is simple, inexpensive and very chic. Here's what you'll need:
  • feathers (as much or as little as you desire)
  • headband
  • hot glue gun

If you scavenged for your feathers like me, you'll need to wash and dry them first. Decide on how you want them placed on the headband. Place a dollop of hot glue on the headband and glue the feathers into place. Careful not to burn your fingers on the hot glue. Set aside for a few minutes to dry. Voila! Your very own couture headband.


shannonmarie said...

Very beautiful. I just love unique handmade accessories.

On another note, I forgot to answer you about the Smarties. I'm not sure about the Canadian ones, as I did just copy this list from another website. It is a good question, though.

Angel (Shanghai Monkey) said...

Thanks. I wore it yesterday and got a lot of comments. Everyone loved it.

Isn't it strange that the US Smarties might be different from other ones? I'll have to go to the store and look at the ingredients on the box to see if it's vegan.

Earth Mother said...

I used to live in New Mexico and enjoyed taking visiting family and friends to the healing shrine in Chimayo. On our way back home, I liked to stop at this Chinese restaurant. Middle of Nowhere, New Mexico. As soon as you'd get out of the car, you'd be surrounded by peacocks. They were everywhere! Turns out, the Chinese think they're very auspicious and bring luck and protection.

Angel (Shanghai Monkey) said...

Earth Mother - I guess I should call this my lucky headband! I hope you collected some fallen feathers when you were there.

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