Thursday, 4 June 2009

5 Quick Eco Tips

  1. ENERGY - Don't leave your cell phone/mP3 player/PDA, etc ... charging overnight. Most of these devices can fully charge in 2-3 hours. So why leave it plugged in for 6-8 while you sleep?

  2. WATER - If you use a dehumidifier, don't dump the water down the drain. Use it to water house plants or your garden.

  3. SOIL - If you can't afford to buy all organic produce, commit to buying at least 1 organic fruit or vegetable a week. See my previous post on the best produce to buy organic.

  4. GAS - Inflate your tires. You'll use less gas.

  5. WASTE - Save the thin clear bags that you put your produce in at the grocery store. Stash them in your cloth grocery bags and re-use them week after week. Or knit a few of your own.

Happy eco'ing ...

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