Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Solar Powered Art

Bonjour art aficionados! I recently spotted this unique solar panel in London, Ontario Canada. The "solar tree" as it's called, is designed to mimic the city's logo (seen below), and provides energy to power the local tourist information centre ... okay well with the help of 3 larger panels behind the tree. But there's even more good news; this eco-art structure cost the city's taxpayers a grand total of $0. The provincial power authority provided a loan and the city is using the GREEN that they're saving (pun totally intended!) to pay for the contact. Here's some more info on the solar tree:
  • The "tree" is 23 feet high with 27 power generating "leaves"
  • All the solar panels together generate 10,000 kWh's per year
  • When the sun is shining the amount of powered generated by the entire system is enough to power 7 homes!
  • It is estimated that the city will save over $165,000 over a twenty year period
  • Up to 10 tonnes of CO2 will be offset each year

I can't wait to see what other eco ideas this city has in store ...

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