Friday, 20 November 2009

5 Links, Articles & Videos From 'Round the Web

  1. I have a secret to confess ... I've never opened a young Thai coconut. I'm afraid of accidentally chopping off my hand! But this video, which shows an experienced raw chef opening one, and then a newbie trying it herself, helps to calm my fears. I love how excited she is when she actually opens the coconut. Very inspiring.

  2. A Salad in Motion Remains in Motion by Natalia Rose via Crazy Sexy Life. This wonderfully written article details the importance of eating raw living foods, how it helps kick start our digestive system, and why some raw newbies mistakenly believe the excess gas and bloating they may feel in the beginning is a sign that raw food doesn't agree with them. This is one of my favs from this site.

  3. Greenpeace's Phenomenal site to learn about greenwashing (which is when a company uses buzz words and fancy ad campaigns to look like they're offering an environmentally friendly product, when in fact they are not). You can also comment on and upload your own greenwashing product finds.

  4. Bad, Bad Baby Carrots by Girlie Girl Army. I've been hearing a lot of conflicting evidence about whether baby carrots are rinsed with chlorine or not. This article offers a few other reasons to avoid those little orange sticks (with some humorous antidotes along the way). It also makes me wonder if pre-package lettuce is treated with chlorine as well. Either way, I'm steering clear of all pre-packaged veggies.

  5. Pimp My Swine Flu Mask photo gallery. I generally don't like the use of the word pimp because it's misogynistic. But I do like creative non vaccine preventions of the flu. Plus this is totally hilarious!


Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth said...

I have opened one. And it wasn't pretty. I started with the tutorial and ended with the hammer. Now... I drill holes into the coconut to get the mik out then I resort to the hammer.


Earth Mother said...

Be brave. Get out the machete. (or, crack open a ZICO)

I, too, enjoyed Natalia's Crazy Sexy article and have passed it along to a few folks.

I look forward to checking out the other links. Thanks for the heads up!

Angel said...

Serenity - A drill? A Hammer? This is why I've been afraid all along to open one myself. LOL!

Earth Mother - I've never tried ZICO, but I often resort to juice boxes of coconut water. Seeing this video made me a little bit braver ;)

David J said...

Angel.. I have opened many thai coconuts, though I've never used the method in the video. I use this method: ... MUCH safer and requires a lot less force. Give 'em a hair cut first :)

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