Friday, 26 April 2013

I Like His Style: Blake Mycoskie

It's been a while, but I finally found another person worthy of a feature in one of my style posts ...

Last year I came across hottie humanitarian, Blake Mycoskie's book and I gotta say ...

I like his style! 

While traveling in Argentina, Blake was shocked to see many children without shoes.  Not a stranger to business (he already had started several), he began to brainstorm ways to help.  Helping children in under developed countries is not exactly a novel idea, so Blake knew it had to be different while still keeping a connection to the idea's Argentinian roots.  When he realized there may be a market back home for the unique and simple shoes worn in Argentina, TOMS was born.  For each and every shoe purchased another shoe is given to a child in need, a philosophy Blake calls One for One.   

That was back in 2006, and oh how far has TOMS come now.  I remember seeing the black, red or dark blue shoes all over college/universities campuses.  But now I am seeing all kinds of fun patterns, sparkly glitters and even VEGAN styles (no leather!!)

Of course Blake himself is frequently seen around town wearing his TOMS.  Wearing them both stylishly and cleverly, I think.  Wearing two different shoes to showcase two different styles.  Smart.

Actually I think his entire business concept is smart, and so do a lot of others.  Among TOMS' many other accomplishments, in 2011 Blake was named as one of the top entrepreneurs in Fortune Magazine's Top 40 Under 40 list.

How many products do we hear about or see where only a portion of the profits go to charity, or a measly $1 from a $40 bottle of shampoo goes to the endangered species of the month?  Too often.  What I like about TOMS (and so do others) is that when I buy a pair of shoes I know that the exact same shoe will be donated to someone who needs it (well ... actually I am not sure if he donates the sparkly glitter shoes, but you know what I mean).   

What I love even more about Blake is that he was photographed with my first style post muse, Lauren Bush, and they are each posing with their iconic style pieces.

I can see Blake Mycoskie's future and boy is it bright.  So bright he's going to need sunglasses.  Good thing TOMS has also started an eyewear line.

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