Thursday, 5 February 2009

DIY #2: Beaded Bracelet


Like many of you, I have a lot of leftover beads from different crafts and projects. This bracelet is a fast and easy way to use up some of those beads and create a custom piece of jewelry.

You will need:

  • handful of beads
  • 1 jewelry closure
  • 120 cm of beading wire
To make the bracelet:
  1. Fold the wire in half and insert one side of the jewelry closure. You should now have two separate ends of the wire. 
  2. Thread one bead onto both ends of the wire (you can also use a cripping tool if you have one). 
  3. Next thread two beads onto each separate wire. 
  4. This step will form the middle decorative part of the bracelet. For mine, I used one plain bead, followed by a larger blue glass bead, and then another plain bead. Thread these 3 beads onto one wire. 
  5. Then take the other wire and thread it through the same 3 beads in the opposite direction (the wires should crisscross inside the beads). 
  6. Gently pull and tighten up all the wires. 
  7. Thread two beads onto each wire separately. 
  8. Continue with another 3 beads for the decorative part crisscrossing the wires. 
  9. Continue in this pattern until you reach the desired length. 
  10. Finish with the other end of the jewelry closure. 
I wanted an eclectic look for my bracelet, so for the middle bead I used different glass beads, but all in the same colour, blue.  I think this would be an excellent project using sea glass, but since people don't litter as much any more, it's practically impossible to find real blue sea glass (not that I'm complaining). 

I can't wait to show off my new bracelet this weekend!


Veg N Out said...

How long did this take to make? Thanks for the post.

Shanghai Monkey said...

This bracelet is quite easy and fast. This was my first time using this weave, and it took about 45 minutes. Happy beading!! :D

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