Monday, 15 December 2008

10 Tips To Green Your Holiday

  1. Reuse wrapping paper, tissue paper, tins, boxes, bags, ribbon and bows. This year think twice before you throw that wrapping paper into the recycling. Just because you recycle it, doesn't mean trees weren't used to make the paper in the first place. Why not collect all your holiday gift wrapping and store them with the rest of your decorations? That way, next year when you get it out, you'll remember to re-use your wrapping paper, and thus save a tree. In our house, we each have a gift box with our name on it. Every year our gifts are put in the same box and kept to use again the following year.

  2. Send an e-card instead of a paper one (no more stamps either!) Check out Care2, a free site that will make a donation to a ecological organization for preservation of the rain forest for each card that is sent out.

  3. If your gift requires batteries, buy rechargeable ones.

  4. Replace your ancient lights with new LED (light emitting diode) string lights. LED lights use up to 85% less energy than conventional lights. Most brands make indoor and exterior versions. Some are even solar powered!

  5. When you hit those holiday sales, take your own bag. Don't we all have enough of those branded store bags?! And if you forget them in the car, just go out and get them before hitting another sale.

  6. If you're hosting a holiday gathering, skip the disposable plates, cups and cutlery. Instead ask a neighbour or friend if you can borrow some of theirs for your party. Use cloth napkins instead of disposable paper ones.

  7. Arrange a carpool with family and friends to mutual holiday gatherings and save money and CO2 fumes.

  8. Resist buying holiday themed trinkets and do-dads. How many singing Rudolphs does your aunt really need? Your gift is less likely to end up in the landfill if it's something that the recipient can actually use/eat.

  9. Electronics are popular gifts this time of year, but what to do with the older, now less attractive version of your MP3, digital camera or laptop? With programs like Sony's upgrade & save, you can trade in your old electronics for discounts on new products.
  10. Set a New Year's resolution: to live healthfully in harmony with nature.

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