Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Memories From Thailand

My life is filled with duties I never thought I wanted, people I never cared existed and places I never dreamed I would go.  I went to Thailand to help teach a yoga teacher's training course, and this is what I found:

Freshly made vegetarian Thai style food, everyday for a month: HEAVEN
Yoga shala thata way!

The beautiful mountain scapes of Chiang Rai

The sweetest thing
A completely egotistical souvenir I took home.  On the last day of the course, the students held their own awards ceremony giving out handmade origami "trophies".  Some of the recipients were bestowed with honours such as Mr./Mrs. Popular, Toughest Asana Teacher, Most Flexible, etc ...  I walked home with the above accolades, an origami-folded heart.  I kept it because I really wanted to do my best while there, but I also didn't want to fake it and act like some of the other senior teachers.  I wanted to be myself ... and I guess they found that pretty sweet after all.

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