Wednesday, 24 August 2011

The Lost Photos From India

In case you missed it, here's the story of what happened to the original first blog post I did when I got back from India in May. 

When Blogger "restored" the post, most of the photos were gone and ALL the text (that took me hours to write about all the lessons I learned and how much I grew spiritually during this time) was erased.  But hey I'm not bitter or anything ;)

Here's some of those lost photos:

One of the yoga teacher training courses in session. An army of yoga teachers - gotta love it!

Pranayama (breathing exercises) in progress. inhaaaaaaale ...

A photo from Sivarti. Prayers started at 7:30 that night. We stayed up until 4:30 AM chanting, drumming, dancing and eating sweet prasad (blessed food). Good times!

The famous loooooooooong chai pour.  Helps to mix the tea with sugar, cool it down and also makes the tea taste so much better for some reason.

Sujith, a human pretzel yoga teacher, shows off his moves on stage.

Shortly after I arrived in India, a fellow teacher announced she was getting married!  They had a traditional, simple, small wedding (not the big flashy kind of wedding you see in Bollywood movies.  And no the groom didn't ride in on an elephant).  BTW, see those cascading white things in front on either side? They're coconut flowers!

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