Friday, 27 November 2009

Super Exciting Announcement ...


After over seven years of practising (& loving) yoga, I've decided to take the plunge and become a certified yoga teacher (CYT). There are lots of yoga teacher training programs right here in Canada, but when I decide to go for something, I go BIG. Plus I love to travel and I've never been to India before.

In early January I'll be flying to south India to live and study in an ashram for over 1 month. My daily schedule will consists of:

5:20 AM - Wake up
6:00 AM - Satsang (meditation, chanting or lecture)
8:00 AM - Asana
10:00 AM - Brunch
11:00 AM - Karma yoga (selfless service)
12:00 PM - Bhagavad Gita lecture or chanting class
2:00 PM - Main lecture
4: 00 PM - Asana, pranayama class
6: 00 PM - Dinner
8:00 PM - Satsang
10:00 PM - Bedtime

Definitely a lot different from my life now, but I'm super excited and looking forward to my trip. All the food served in the ashram is vegetarian, although not necessarily vegan (some food may contain cheese and the tea is usually served with milk). I'll have to take a break from my beloved green smoothies, but as any traveler knows, you have to be flexible.

There is internet access, but I doubt I'll have time to blog about my experiences. So that means I'll be taking a mini break from the blog-o-sphere as well. I think it will be a nice change to disconnect from my computer for a while and plug in more spiritually.

Do I sound like a yogi yet? :)


shannonmarie said...

That sounds amazing. I don't get to travel like that. I'll have to live it through you :-)

Earth Mother said...

Very excited for you! I have a number of friends who chose to go the same route and become certified in India. I think there's something to be said for total immersion. What a rich experience!

vrtish55 said...

It sounds like you are continuing an exciting journey. Enjoy!

Angel said...

Thanks everyone for the words of encouragement. I am very excited about my trip to India ^_^

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